No mother experiencing PMD will suffer in silence...
no family will struggle alone.
Let us help.
Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Full Moon delves into the unseen world of maternal mental health in the U.S. It will uncover the disconnect within the medical community to effectively screen, refer, and treat the 1.3 million mothers affected each year, giving a face and voice to the countless women who have suffered in silence.

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Moms Supporting Moms

Moms Supporting Moms (MSM) is a peer-led, judgment-free support group for women struggling with issues related to pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood. Our weekly support group meetings provide a confidential and safe environment for sharing stories, discussing problems and seeking solutions.

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Support Us

A not-for-profit organization, PES relies on the financial support of individuals, foundations, small businesses and corporations to sustain its programs. Please help us continue the good work started 11 years ago by a mother who experienced postpartum depression and anxiety herself and didn’t want other women to suffer in silence. We need your support to provide necessary services for mothers and their families. Donate Now >>

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