What to Expect at a Support Group Meeting

“At MSM meetings, acceptance is the norm.”  — David Miller, M.D., Ph.D., PES Medical Advisor

Our trained facilitators – many of whom are PMD survivors – lead each meeting. They ensure that each person wishing to speak will be given a chance, and that those participants in need of suggestions or ideas will receive them from other group members.

In addition to a facilitator, each meeting is attended by a medical advisor – a healthcare professional with a practice focused on helping women who are struggling with postpartum mood disorders. Advisors who take turns staffing meetings include a psychiatrist, an OB/Gyn, therapists, a lactation consultant and a pediatric nurse. Medical advisors address general concerns and issues; they do not assess or diagnose illnesses during support group meetings.

“At my first MSM meeting, I was able to say out loud – for the first time since I realized something was wrong with me – my true feelings about my motherhood experience.” Elizabeth, PMD survivor, mom of two

The positive, confidential environment that defines our meetings allows every participant to feel respected as she shares her experiences and feelings, and receives support from others.

Each participant is asked to sign a confidentiality agreement that simply asks her not to share other group members’ experiences outside of the MSM meeting environment. In addition, each participant is asked to fill out a brief evaluation and survey.

“The one thing I want to tell women with PMD is this – you will get better. The pain will subside, you will return to your old self, you will heal.” Anne Wimer, MSM Founder

Often, mothers who have recovered from PMD will return to our meetings to provide encouragement to women who still are struggling. It doesn’t always happen as quickly as a mother might hope, but recovery does come.

Our experience with mothers and PMD shows that recovery is accelerated when women use a combination of treatments – specifically: medication, therapy and group support – to heal from postpartum mood disorders. We can refer you to professionals who understand these illnesses. Please call 919.454.6946 for more information.

“No mother experiencing PMD will suffer in silence, and no family will struggle alone.” PES Vision

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