PES in the News

Sept 28, 2014, ABC 11

July 16, 2012 “Spa day will benefit moms with baby blues” News & Observer

June 12, 2012 “Spend a day at the spa, support program helping moms with postpartum mood disorders” Go Ask Mom, WRAL-TV5

May 16, 2012 “Gene Research Could Hold Key to Postpartum Depression” NBC-17

October 1, 2011: “Finding time to get fit” Carolina Parent

September 28, 2001: “Weekend Plans” Go Ask Mom, WRAL-TV5

September 28, 2011: “Triangle weekend offers free fall events and festivals” Carolina Parent

September 25, 2011: “Support group helped one mom rise from ‘deep black hold’ of postpartum depression” Go Ask Mom, WRAL-TV5

October 4, 2010: “StrollerThon Success!” Modern Baby Digs

October 2, 2010: “What a Wonderful Event!” Triangle Mommies

September 29, 2010: “Weekend plans: Strollerthon, duck race, fire safety, free concerts and more” Go Ask Mom, WRAL-TV5

September 28, 2010: “StrollerThon &  Making Strides” ABC 11 Connecting with the Community blog

September 27, 2010: “Guest post about PPD/Moms Supporting Moms/StrollerThon” Triangle Mommies

September 23, 2010: “Guest Post: Supporting Postpartum Moms” My Convertible Life blog

September 21, 2010 “PES on ABC-11 – Join us in supporting this organization!” Modern Baby Digs

September 20, 2010: “Guest mom: Local group helps mom heal from postpartum depression” Go Ask Mom, WRAL-TV5

September 14, 2010: “Join StrollerThon to benefit moms!” Carolina Parent

September 7, 2010: “Profile: Moms Supporting Moms” Cary Citizen

September 2, 2010: “StrollerThon Coming to Bond Park” Cary Citizen

September 2010: Dr. David Miller and Anne Wimer discuss Postpartum Mood Disorders Heart of Carolina Perspectives, ABC-11 Eyewitness News

August 24, 2010: “StrollerThon to support postpartum education, support” Go Ask Mom, WRAL-TV5

August 16, 2010: “Modern Nursery and Bumbleride sponsor StrollerThon” Modern Baby Digs

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